The Pearl of the Adriatic Tour

Blue and Green Cave, natural wonders of our journey...
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Blue and Green Cave, natural wonders of our journey leaves speechless even experienced travelers. Beach Stiniva is not for explaining with words… You have to see it. Enchants visitors with beauty of nature, turquoise glow of hidden caves and volcanic islands of Vis archipelago. There is no better place to sense fresh fish and local wine then island of Vis.
  • Destination: Vis
  • Maximum passengers: 10
  • Duration: about 9 hours

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Since the beginning of modern history, the island of Vis was inhabited by Greeks who founded the settlement of Issa. Throughout history, it was under many rulers including Romans, Austro-Hungarians and Venetians. Throughout all of this, the incredible remains of the largest Greek settlement of Issa have been preserved even until today. The island enchants its visitors with the beauty of nature, turquoise glows of its hidden caves and the volcanic islands of its archipelago. The Blue and Green Cave, the natural wonders of our journey, leaves even the most experienced travellers speechless.

Arrival to Blue and Green cave has to be at exact time to whitness the light inside the caves.

Cruising amongst the volcanic group of islands, we see Vis with a sightseeing break of the Blue and Green Cave, Stiniva Beach and many more. As the sun rises up on the horizon we are already enjoying coffee and crossing miles of sea on our Getaway boat, towards the archipelago of Vis. The Blue Cave has two openings, one smaller and one artificially deepened, through which the boat can pass. The cave on the island Ravnik is known under the name of Green Cave. It is an abrasion cave with two entrances and an opening at the top through which the light bounces off the walls and from the bottom reflecting beautiful colours of green. In socialist Yugoslavia, Vis, because of its strategic position was closed to foreigners until 1989 and not so long ago and the whole island was converted into a large military fort. At the town of Vis, our local guide will take you exploring inland parts of the island. Afterwards, we cruise away back to Split with the sunset on our West side of the boat.

Start from Split Riva waterfront or Hvar

Sightseeing of the Blue cave

Visiting Komiza on Vis Island and free time

Visiting Stiniva Bay and Green Cave

Light lunch and free time for swimming in Budikovac bay

Arrival at Hvar. Taking Walking Tour in Hvar suggested or free time

Afternoon cruise to drop off Point (Split, Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Vis)

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