Dubrovnik, Korcula & Hvar Tour

Feel the touch of eternity in the ancient stone-built...
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Feel the touch of eternity in the ancient stone-built towns of the region of Southern Dalmatia. Dubrovnik and Korčula are sights to behold, kind of picture-perfect towns. Places which makes you want to come back to them over and over again for a new and exceptional travelling experience. These unique towns, enclosed by the defensive walls, are a pure historical treasure. The Walls of Dubrovnik, seen from the sea, are nothing short of incredible.
  • Destination: Dubrovnik
  • Maximum passengers: 10
  • Duration: Full day (9hrs)

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The Getaway boat and crew will take you from the coastal town of Split, the crystal-clear sea of the Adriatic, island spots Hvar and Korcula to the pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik. There are not many islands whose beauty could be compared to that of Hvar and Mljet. Nature was gracious to Hvar, creating a group of secluded bays and coves, creating something of a true paradise. National Park Mljet, an island full of natural wonders and beauties, can only be approached by boat.

You will visit oldest theatre in Europe or  the most famous image of "The Last Supper", work of Matteo Pontonia, located in the Franciscan monastery in Hvar.

Afterwards we will have aproximatly 2 hours of speed boating to the island Korcula. Same name of the town you will read in the harbour. We will also organize a walking tour throw history site.

Sun is taking off, so do we. Scenery of Sun down on our way back to Split is free of charge.

Start from Split Riva waterfront or Hvar

Arrival at Hvar. Taking Walking Tour in Hvar suggested or free time

Arrival at Korcula. Taking Walking Tour in Korcula suggested or free time

Arrival at Dubrovnik. Taking Walking Tour in Dubrovnik suggested or free time

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