Brac Island and The Golden Horn Beach

The Golden Horn beach, regularly listed as one of the top...
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The Golden Horn beach, regularly listed as one of the top spots in Adriatic, located close to the town of Bol, has become a symbol of the island Brač. Golden Horn beach is an act of the sea. Grounded on top of an underwater reef, beautiful golden coloured rocks have been washed by waves since the early days of our planet. Spit extends South into the Hvar Channel for a length of 600m (2,000ft). Winds, waves and sea currents change the shape of the beach every two or three years. Golden Horn just at the narrowest part of the Hvar channel acting as a sort of amplifier for all NW, W and SW winds, which Zlatni rat makes an extremely attractive location for windsurfing.
  • Destination: Brač
  • Maximum passengers: 10
  • Duration: Full day (9hrs)

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The Golden Horn Tour begins at the moment you meet our Getaway crew and yacht at the harbour. Sun rising from the East and coffee on board is a promising start to the day for everyone. Tuna Farm, one of our sightseeing stops, offers you a view about how Tuna food is farmed in the Adriatic sea. Interesting facts shall be spoken by our experienced captain about the warship tunnels which were built to shelter ships. The town of Bol with its charming and historical sights, surrounded by crystal clear sea and white pebbles on the Golden Horn beach combine bespoke and pleasant scenery for your travellers experience. Sunset from the West on our way back to Split always provides a memorable to finish the day.

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