The Pearl of the Adriatic tour

Full day cruising among volcanic group of island Vis. ....
Starting from €1,500.00
Full day cruising among volcanic group of island Vis. . Blue and Green Cave, natural wonders of our journey leaves speechless even experienced travelers. Enchants visitors with beauty of nature, turquoise glow of hidden caves and volcanic islands of its archipelago.
  • Destination: Vis
  • Maximum passengers: 10
  • Duration: about 10 hours

Tour can be customized on your request

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As the sun rises up on the horizont we are already drinking coffea and crossing miles towards archipelago of island Vis.

Arrival to Blue and Green cave has to be at exact time to whitness the light inside the caves.  

Blue Cave has two openings, one smaller and one artificially deepened, through one can pass the boat.

Second cave on the island Ravnik is known under the name of Green Cave. It is abrasion cave with two entrances and an opening at the top through which the light bounces off the walls from the bottom colors to green.

Beach Stiniva is not for explaining with words…you have to see it .

In socialist Yugoslavia, Vis because of its strategic position was closed to foreigners until 1989, not so long ago and the whole island was a large military fort. On the surface of 90 km2, there were over 30 military facilities, including a military hospital and an underground tunnel for shelter warships.

Our local guide will take you for an exploration of hidden bunkers ,caves and other military facilites. 

There is no better place to sense fresh fish and local wine then island of Vis.

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